Anyswap is a Defi platform that uses decentralized cross-chain swap protocol, powered by Fusion DCRM technology, with automated pricing and liquidity system.


PlutusDeFi is a sophisticated platform, pegged with a bench of DeFi applications and various products into one single platform, centering on User Experience, Design, Privacy, and Anonymity.

Cardano Expects Coinbase Listing Soon

Cardano, a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency platform, is looking to roll out its native cryptocurrency (ADA) on a major cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase. The firm is expecting the launch by the end of 2020.

According to July 3 news, IOHK, Cardano development firm, has begun a collaboration with Coinbase Custody. The new collaboration will allow Cardano investors to stake ADA while holding their crypto in supposedly well-protected cold wallets. 

An IOHK spokesperson said:

“With the release of Adrestria, our new suite of libraries and APIs, allowing for a seamless, modular process of integrating Cardano with exchanges, we’ve been working closely with a number of exchanges, and the community can expect more announcements before the end of 2020.”

Major Updates from Cardano Virtual Summit 

Along with the news of the listing, IOHK officials have disclosed some significant updates for the Cardano project, during Cardano’s Virtual Summit. 

On July 2, news was published that IOHK has partnered with Wave Financial Group to launch cFund,  an investment fund intended to increase IOHK’s platform development and adoption. The firm has commenced a $20 million venture fund. 

cFund is looking forward to $250,000–$500,000 worth of investments in “startup and early-stage businesses that build their products and services on IOHK’s blockchain technologies, including Cardano.”

USD Coin Market Cap Reaches $1 Billion

Coinbase-issued USDC has achieved a new milestone. Since the stablecoin’s launch, the USDC market cap has transcended $1 billion for the first time.

While publishing a newly achieved milestone, the Centre Consortium, a partnership between Circle Financial and Coinbase to oversee USDC, mentioned some main market elements that helped significantly in the growth of USDC. The firm announced that the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, the business community’s growing interest for cost-efficient transfers, and the growth of DeFi protocols have fueled USDC demand.

Centre Consortium announced:

“We expect USDC to continue growing rapidly throughout 2020 and help fulfill Centre Consortium’s mission of establishing an open standard for money on the internet.”

USDT Presents Strong Growth

Stablecoins perform a significant role in the crypto market. 

USDT, the largest stablecoin, drives the crypto market in the domain of stablecoins. Despite the fact that there are a lot of different stablecoins available, the majority of investors employ USDT, which currently has a huge amount of liquidity over all exchanges.

USDT had already surpassed XRP in terms of market cap, and it’s currently the third-largest asset by market capitalization. Recently the USDT market cap reached the $10 billion mark.

Despite USDC’s milestone, its presence is largely overshadowed by USDT.

Horizon Kinetics Spends Estimated $30M on Bitmain Products

Core Scientific, a US-based blockchain firm, is planning to acquire the newest mining rigs from the leading equipment manufacturer Bitmain.

According to Core Scientific’s claims, it will conduct a massive acquisition of S19 machines. More than 17,000 S19 Antminers will be purchased from Bitmain on behalf of Core Scientific’s users and for the firm’s personal usage. S19 miners sell for just under $1,800 a piece, placing the purchase value of 17,000 units at north of $30 million.

Kevin Turner, CEO of Core Scientific, said, “Core Scientific has received and begun testing the first of Bitmain’s newest ASIC miners, and has seen material success in increasing existing hash rate to achieve a 110 TH/s ± 3%.”

Horizon Kinetics Supported the ASIC Investment 

Core Scientific has reported that Horizon Kinetics, the $5.3 billion resource manager, has overseen the venture to acquire Bitmain’s newest ASIC miners. Furthermore, Core Scientific disclosed that the quantity of hosted miners has significantly increased by Horizon Kinetics.

Horizon Kinetics’ COO, Hugh Ross, stated that the firm has collaborated with Core Scientific after examining numerous years of North America mining rigs providers. 

Regarding the collaboration, Ross stressed the convenience of being capable of accessing “a steady flow of the latest Malaysian-manufactured equipment from Bitmain.”

Mining Hash Rate is Shifting 

Core Scientific is buying the newest S19 to increase its revenue by outperforming other mining firms. 

Core Scientific customer service officer, Russell Conn, states that the hash rate is continuously growing in North America. He explained that low electricity costs make North America a more favorable region for mining activities. Though, the energy edge does not mandate that other mining regions will become abandoned. 

According to Cann’s personal analysis, the mining industry is starting to scatter around the globe. This pulls away from the large China-based concentration of mining rigs.

bZx Protocol

The bZx protocol is an open platform for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain, it facilitates P2P margin lending, borrowing, shorting, and leverage of ERC20 tokens.


Meter is a DeFi platform with an unusual financial and consent design.It presents a really decentralized programmable crypto that permits decentralized organizations to develop, not contend with the basic convention.


Stafi is the prime decentralized platform opening liquidity of staked crypto assets, users can stake PoS token through Stafi and get rToken. rToken will empower users to get the staking prize and exchange the bolted staking token simultaneously.


AVA is a distinctive open-source platform for propelling profoundly decentralized applications, new financial natives, and new interoperable blockchains.