BitWings token, a local money of Wings Mobile biological system, has ensured issuing esteem and is the main way to pre-request the principal ultra-secure blockchain cell phones on the planet ready to create up to 2 ETH a month. WingsPay triple validation convention secure access to an e-wallet furnished with an installment framework, in view of blockchain innovation.

Platinum Q DAO Engineering

Platinum Q DAO Engineering has developed a family of fully decentralized Stable Coins. There are 2 types of tokens: collateral for Bitcoin which are pegged to national currencies  and governance Q DAO coin to pay fees. There are also 2 ways of getting USDQ ,The first way is to buy them on exchanges or getting the credit via a special interface on the site and the second way is to deposit at least 166% from the desired sum in bitcoin as collateral Q DAO coins are available during IEO on exchanges, Q BOX  and OTC trading platform. Platinum Q DAO Engineering team is conducting 10 rounds of IEO.


BitSong stage you will most likely create melodies in which a sponsor can connect promotions and clients can access from any gadget. BitSong stage you will probably create melodies in which a promoter can append ads and clients can access from any gadget.


TheFaustFlick Token awards speculators, access to The Faust Flick screenplay, letters of aim and money related records, casting ballot rights on 5 basic doors that empower the film-making procedure and film business cycle, net benefits from, The Faust Flick’s numerous income sources.


Truegame is a truly unique iGaming product. We launched our product together with a team of specialists from the gambling industry, and now that we’re proven, we are ready for scale-out and market expansion.

BitOrb Exchange

BitOrb is a creative cryptographic money subsidiaries trade with miniaturized scale second idleness for high recurrence exchanging and the most aggressive charge structure among its companions. The Orbyt Token is made to give its token holders a standout amongst other incentives accessible in the market, which incorporates markdown on exchanging expense and a portion of the organization’s net benefit.


Moozicore is progressive mood melodies administration for settings where music is basic for clients. Moozicore will likely advance places, for example, bars, eateries, rec centers, and some other diversion scenes by making customized, social music experience for every client.


We will use DEX (decentralized exchange) for projects connected to advance science and patented technology. Technologies that radically change the desired properties of many technologies like hydrophobicity. We use our cryptocurrency TCR to protect network.


Our CoinCasso Exchange CCX Token holders will have the best effect on new monetary standards and developments. Proprietors of the tokens can partake in the organization, diminish the exchange expenses and give the token holders the privilege to get a piece of the benefit made by the organization.

P2P solutions foundation

The reason for P2PS ICO is to present to you a protected framework through which you can trade secret advanced resources or documents with definitely no obstruction from any outsider; not in any case a system or frameworks director.