An innovated project offered by PBET that combine physical and online gaming with a unified gaming platform. PBET lunched a special token-based Reward Club which synergies both gaming channels to use an instant payment system that utilizes crypto-currencies.


Freldo provides a decentralized platform that acts as a bridge between service providers and customers: By utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts. Medium and small businesses are actively using Frecnx token inside the Fredlo platform. From 2016 Freldo Inc. has launched a business social network Freldo. It’s a fully functional network that connects small and medium business owners and their customers.


APX provides the platform where users will find a wide range of services related to Blockchain Industry here users find unlimited hashing solutions, a thorough analysis of cryptocurrencies, and consultation services. Some of the services offered by APX Ventures will exclusively accept APX or can be accessed at a discount through the use of the APX token.


MegaUpload is a protection driven document sharing and storage platform that enables you to store and share your records safe from prying eyes. Think Dropbox however without the capacity for Dropbox to peruse your records or programmers to take them from our servers basically on the grounds that we can’t peruse or take them as they are scrambled from start to finish.