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Summery Description is a fake trading bot and an ICO which claims at providing an easy way for any individual to earn money from the markets utilizing and trading software. is a trading bot and an ICO which aims at providing an easy way for any individual to earn money from the markets. The tokens issued by this company has a value of $2.09 and is estimated to have a market capitalization of $7,507,801. Go through our full review which will help equip you with all the right information about this company and answer every major aspect of this ICO. Background f people involved with this firm. The CEO of this company is a person known as David Peterson. When we were doing a background check on the information provided, we found some videos and blogs featuring him but there isn’t any information about him on sites like Wikipedia or Google. According to many ICO monitoring sites, the exact identity of the CEO is still not confirmed or verified. License and Contact Details There is no license details or registration certificates put up on their website but we do believe they have complete authorization to carry on their present operations and they are also listed on At the time of writing this review, ARB has a value of $2.09. The only way to reach the support staff of this company is via the Telegram app. It would have been nice to have basic email or telephone assistance but it is not a huge deal, they claim to provide 24/7 service on Telegram. How does Arbitraging?co Work? As the name suggests, this firm states that it profits from trading cryptocurrency and follows the arbitrage principle only. For those who do not know what arbitrage is, it is a strategy that has a completely neutral trading bias. In simple terms, this firm uses a price difference between two or more exchanges and buys the underlying asset for a low price while selling the same asset for a higher price in different exchanges. For beginners, this might seem like the perfect strategy but do not forget that everything has its flaws. This strategy requires traders to be spontaneous and open-minded. A delay for a few seconds or the speed of the execution might make or break your account which is why beginners must exercise extreme care while using this approach. Profits and Features This company is said to consistently reach more than 80% ROI every quarterly, they do not guarantee any kind of returns but also they do not provide enough evidence to support their claims, so credibility factor is not so strong. There are some fees associated with profits that vary depending upon the duration of the usage of their Bots. 1-30 Days = 3% Fees 31-60 Days = 2.9% Fees 61-90 Days = 2.8% Fees 90+ Days = 2.7% Fees Here are some of the crucial information about the tokens offered by this platform. Platform – Ethereum Blockchain Algorithm – PoW Symbol – ARB Total Supply – 8,708,821 ARB Ethereum Verified – Yes This firm is working towards creating their own dedicated wallets which will eliminate extra fees and at the same time results in more secure transactions. Affiliate Program This firm encourages individuals to help grow their user base and reach a mass number of audiences by offering an affiliate program. Any online marketer or crypto enthusiasts who have access to web traffic can promote this platform and get paid 5% of the revenue they bring in. It is not mandatory for the affiliates to have an active deposit in order to get their payments, for more information about the exact commission rates based on the volume promoters bring in, contact support team of this firm. Domain Insight According to this domain was registered on 13/02/2018 and it expires on 13/02/2020. This service has used ad networking websites like for promoting its platform. The majority of the users landing on this website are from United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Russia, and United Kingdom. ranks 22,228 in the United States and has a global rank of 82,404. Deposit and Withdrawal The minimum amount required to get started with this firm is $250. This platform supports many e-currencies like Bitcoin and other altcoins. There is no information about transaction fees and the time required from their end to process withdrawals is not revealed. is not what they claim to be. In modern days the technological advancement has peaked out and due to that the arbitrage opportunities cannot be found on a daily basis as they state, even it was present there is no way any firm can yield ROI of more than 80% every 3 months. In the past arbitrage was so popular and could be seen frequently which is why many traders only took this type of trade but nowadays if you want to trade only this kind of setups be prepared to sit for a long duration of time in front of your computer but still there is no guarantee that they will occur.



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ARBITRAGE is a cryptocurrency project that issued ARBITRAGE tokens to its community. Scams in the cryptocurrency space take form in many ways, including exit scams or undedicated project developments.


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