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No platform or goals completed as promised aa outlined in the timeline since Biti went live in September 2017 No communication or statements about the project or lending platform Update since 4th April 2018… and all previous communication has all been lame excuses from hacks to staff going on maternity leave to servers going down & changing. Britain Refuses to send BitAI tokens to the majority of people who purchased them with either Bitcoin or Litecoin in the BiAi ICO last year (they roughy raised about 3 million worth of BTC & LTC that they have since gotten away with) The reason the BitAI website is still up online is so they can drag out peoples hope that they will return (this way people will not alert authorities etc) and this also gives them more time to getaway. The longer time passes the harder it is to get caught. Also, this stop people from admitting they were scammed with the hope BitAI platform may someday be up & running…Also, the BitAi wallet still works, however, the very few customer who managed to get there BitAI token such as myself (before the so-called hack that they used as an excuse to stop sending out BitAI coins to there ICO participants) This BitAI wallet can no longer stake the BitAi coins on the wallet anymore due to no peers connected and the non-existence BitAI chain weight. (BitAI are Coins & not ECR20 Tokens) so they have their own blockchain with no online Explorer. BITAI WILL EXIT SCAM – MY ANALYSIS (Video) from February 2018: Last BitAI Update on the Update 4th April 2018: “Further to yesterday’s update (which has since been removed because of the server change backup which was done before). If you are reading this update it means you are seeing the website on the new server. As mentioned yesterday, there may be disruption on this website for up to 48 hours while the new DNS configurations propagate. We are now configuring the other server to install the platform again and will update you accordingly. Support is currently very slow (as per yesterday’s announcement) as Linda is off on maternity. We do not currently have bulk email to send notifications after all cryptocurrency platforms have been banned. More updates to follow once we install the platform. IMPORTANT: Between the 3rd and 4th April 2018 an attempt was made to make several fraudulent withdrawals of BITAI. None have been paid out and all transactions have been canceled. Please note that withdrawals of BITAI have now been suspended from this website. You will be able to request your withdrawal from the platform.” March 16th Update (2nd to the last Update): “We regret that we have not been able to sort out all the bugs to successfully launch the platform by yesterday March 16th. We worked all night yesterday in the hope to do so but did not succeed. Currently, we are having issues with the buy/ sell orders on the exchange which is giving incorrect figures. There are also a few other bugs that need to be sorted. Furthermore, a major security issue was discovered which means that any assets on the site would not be secure until this is sorted. In view of this, we are not able to launch yet, but again, we will do so as soon as the platform is secure and at the very least the major bugs which would impact you are sorted. We do realize that this is a major disappointment for you, as well as for us but things need to be done properly and security has to be top-notch. PS. Please do not send emails for constant updates. All updates are always made on this website as soon as there is something to update you with, and as you can see, these updates are consistent. We are receiving hundreds of emails and tickets from members and this is having a negative effect on development as precious time is consumed going through the requests. Thank you for your understanding.”

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Is BitAI a Scam?

Disclaimer: BitAI Cryptocurrency | BitAI ICO
BitAI is a cryptocurrency project that issued BitAI tokens to its community. Scams in the cryptocurrency space take form in many ways, including exit scams or undedicated project developments.

Is BitAI a Scam ICO?

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The above claims about BitAI (ICO), BitAI’s token, or BitAI’s team are externally sourced. They may claim that:
– BitAI did an ICO and then exit scammed
– BitAI has an undedicated project development after the BitAI ICO
– BitAI token got pumped and dumped by the BitAI team
– BitAI is a dead project with a worthless BitAI token

However, external claims about BitAI project, BitAI token, BitAI team, or even BitAI advisors may not be supported by accusers of BitAI ecosystem and thus individuals seeking to learn more BitAI team or about the BitAI cryptocurrency are recommended to directly contact BitAI team members or BitAI token investors.
CoinCurb does not itself decide if a project is a scam and thus does not claim BitAI is an exit scam or that BitAI is any other type of scam, nor does CoinCurb insinuate that BitAI (or BitAI token) team are scammers or that BitAI (or BitAI token) advisors are scammers. CoinCurb allows viewers to reference sources related to BitAI development, BitAI token trading, and/or BitAI team as an uncertain reference when deciding if BitAI is a scam or BitAI is not a scam.