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Seemingly, Bitqyck sold its database of affiliate investors to Tierra Science Global, a new multilevel firm that is currently its pre-launch phase. The Tierra Science Global website offers scanty information about the project. The only notable info is a promotional video that showcases a plastic card that uses resonance waves to stimulate biophotonic interaction.

Mark Rosales, is the ‘Chief Dreamer’ at Tierra Science Global, according to his LinkedIn profile. Recently, Bitqyck sent a message to its affiliates informing them of the negotiations between Mark Rosales and Bruce Bise regarding the Bitqyck user database. The talks concluded with the transfer of the database to Tierra Science Global. Apparently, this was done to ensure that no Bitqyck user is left behind if they decided to join Tierra Science.

Bitqyck users will log in to the Tierra Science Global platform using their existing credentials. Also, the new dashboard will be similar and have the transaction history of the current Bitqyck dashboard. Bitqyck users who join Tierra will be offered a Founder’s Package costing $1,199. This investment plan provides a share of the company’s revenue pool.

The price at which Bruce Bise sold the Bitqyck user database to Tierra Science Global remains unknown. Furthermore, Bise did not consult Bitqyck affiliates before selling the databases. As per the terms and conditions of Bitqyck, Bise did nothing wrong when selling the information. However, many are questioning if the transaction was ethical.

A portion of Bitqyck affiliates has been speaking about the possibility of Tierra Science adopting Bitqy, the native cryptocurrency of Bitqyck. The coin is essentially a shitcoin, with its value being $0.0005 cents. The coin should be abolished altogether, mainly because it is only held by Bitqyck holders and its parent company is already dead. For now, Bitqy is likely to be useless to Tierra Science Global.

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Is Bitqy a Scam?

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Is Bitqy a Scam ICO?

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