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Bitcoin Updates: The Ponzi scheme claimed to have run by Mohsin Jameel was in actuality not run by Mohsin at all. As of March 2019, Mohsin Jameel has left the company. He was a paid employee who took the masterminds behind this whole scam on a wild run to a tune of 5 million euros The masterminds behind this scam are former one coin promoters: Ganesh Sagar and His business associate who were also part of the inner circle in another scam company Eagle gates. The total business of bitcoin was around 85 million euros and the vast majority of it came from India, Pakistan, Africa, Southeast Asia and from Indian diaspora living in the US, Canada, UAE, and Italy. Out of the 85 million euros Ganesh Sagar and his partner pocketed about 50 million euros, Mohsin Jameel 5, -about 10 million was spent on expenses and the remaining was distributed among top promoters responsible namely: Prashanth, Asif Nasser, Parminder Singh Bux never had a blockchain from day 1 and was intended to follow in the footsteps of one coin. However, tensions between the said members namely the price manipulation and keeping the price stable above 2 euros on the internal system led to the collapse of the company. The conspirators are currently hiding in the UAE, spreading false stories in order to confuse the public into not making police complaints and are in process of disposing their assets their and waiting for secondary passports so they could leave the investors and other promoters high and dry and escape to enjoy their ill-gotten gains on an island where laws are lax to fraud. They shouldn’t be allowed to escape with people’s hard-earned money. Most of the investors in this project come from very poor countries who were manipulated into investing In this project!

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Disclaimer: BUX COIN Cryptocurrency | BUX COIN ICO
BUX COIN is a cryptocurrency project that issued BUX COIN tokens to its community. Scams in the cryptocurrency space take form in many ways, including exit scams or undedicated project developmeBUX COIN.


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– BUX COIN did an ICO and then exit scammed
– BUX COIN has an undedicated project development after the BUX COIN ICO
– BUX COIN token got pumped and dumped by the BUX COIN team
– BUX COIN is a dead project with a worthless BUX COIN token

However, external claims about BUX COIN project, BUX COIN token, BUX COIN team, or even BUX COIN advisors may not be supported by accusers of BUX COIN eBUX COINystem and thus individuals seeking to learn more BUX COIN team or about the BUX COIN cryptocurrency are recommended to directly contact BUX COIN team members or BUX COIN token investors.
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