Coin Name Chaintrade
Coin Code Chaintrade
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“Later on, as I was transferring funds to MyEtherWallet, I realized that CTT is a completely different ticker from the one mentioned on your whitepaper, and I had invested 4 ETH into something that DOES NOT EVEN HAVE AN ACTIVE WEB PAGE. There’s a bid-ask spread of >10%, which means that your link from your website resulted in a potential investor losing out on a lot of money. Now I don’t know about you, but 4 ETH means a lot to me. And I lost it because of an error from YOUR end. On your god-damned homepage, no less. Is this the kind of professionalism and attention to detail that I can expect from you guys going forward? If yes, I highly doubt your ability to win in this market. Edit: ETH address to verify what I’m saying: 0xbbC09E0D0613f936f501Fc61565f33727A251318 (check historical transactions, I’ve since sold the mysterious CTT tokens at a hefty loss.)”

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Is Chaintrade a Scam?

Disclaimer: Chaintrade Cryptocurrency | Chaintrade ICO
Chaintrade is a cryptocurrency project that issued Chaintrade tokens to its community. Scams in the cryptocurrency space take form in many ways, including exit scams or undedicated project developments.

Is Chaintrade a Scam ICO?

Data on whether Chaintrade conducted a scam ICO, a scam mining operation, or a scam masternode project is cited above from external sources and CoinCurb does not take responsibility for claims against Chaintrade or in support of Chaintrade. The data is only an aggregation of claims cited against Chaintrade.
The above claims about Chaintrade (ICO), Chaintrade’s token, or Chaintrade’s team are externally sourced. They may claim that:
– Chaintrade did an ICO and then exit scammed
– Chaintrade has an undedicated project development after the Chaintrade ICO
– Chaintrade token got pumped and dumped by the Chaintrade team
– Chaintrade is a dead project with a worthless Chaintrade token

However, external claims about Chaintrade project, Chaintrade token, Chaintrade team, or even Chaintrade advisors may not be supported by accusers of Chaintrade ecosystem and thus individuals seeking to learn more Chaintrade team or about the Chaintrade cryptocurrency are recommended to directly contact Chaintrade team members or Chaintrade token investors.
CoinCurb does not itself decide if a project is a scam and thus does not claim Chaintrade is an exit scam or that Chaintrade is any other type of scam, nor does CoinCurb insinuate that Chaintrade (or Chaintrade token) team are scammers or that Chaintrade (or Chaintrade token) advisors are scammers. CoinCurb allows viewers to reference sources related to Chaintrade development, Chaintrade token trading, and/or Chaintrade team as an uncertain reference when deciding if Chaintrade is a scam or Chaintrade is not a scam.