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Horrible multi-all go coin (CPU, GPU, ASIC)… By year 4 it shifts to essentially an ASIC only coin (85%) Anything but EPIC. 1) An individual of the named Wayan garvey made promises he couldn’t keep and scammed one individual out of 100K as well as entire countries. As seen on page 7/8 of the bitcoin talk documentation. Even so far as to fake a “free” GPU giveaway, for those who signed up. In addition, the wallets for the last month wouldn’t synch properly further tarnishing user funds. The coin launched in September was marketed as early as July of this year, 2019 2) The crypto exchanges hold and Scitex creates artificial value for the coin. Simply viewing the order books and patterns shows the wash trading. The real volume is close to zero. 3) Lately, nobody can account for where the hash rates are even coming from.

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Is EPIC CASH a Scam?

Disclaimer: EPIC CASH Cryptocurrency | EPIC CASH ICO
EPIC CASH is a cryptocurrency project that issued EPIC CASH tokens to its community. Scams in the cryptocurrency space take form in many ways, including exit scams or undedicated project developmeEPIC CASH.


Data on whether EPIC CASH conducted a scam ICO, a scam mining operation, or a scam masternode project is cited above from external sources and CoinCurb does not take responsibility for claims against EPIC CASH or in support of EPIC CASH. The data is only an aggregation of claims cited against EPIC CASH.
The above claims about EPIC CASH (ICO), EPIC CASH’s token, or EPIC CASH’s team are externally sourced. They may claim that:
– EPIC CASH did an ICO and then exit scammed
– EPIC CASH has an undedicated project development after the EPIC CASH ICO
– EPIC CASH token got pumped and dumped by the EPIC CASH team
– EPIC CASH is a dead project with a worthless EPIC CASH token

However, external claims about EPIC CASH project, EPIC CASH token, EPIC CASH team, or even EPIC CASH advisors may not be supported by accusers of EPIC CASH eEPIC CASHystem and thus individuals seeking to learn more EPIC CASH team or about the EPIC CASH cryptocurrency are recommended to directly contact EPIC CASH team members or EPIC CASH token investors.
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