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Epic Cash is for all practical purposes a copy of BitGrin with some different mining algorithms and an emission schedule with a higher volume release early on. Grin’s chief architect, John Tromp, essentially pointed this out a while back, although Max Freeman likes to preach that Epic is much different. Of course, that’s after it was pointed out the BitGrin came first. Max originally claimed that the idea was his all alone. The Grin team, according to him, were a bunch of arrogant communists, and Beam “just didn’t have it figured out right.” Max would say that within 2 – 3 years Epic Cash would overtake Ripple and Ethereum on the market cap list.

Wayan Garvey goes by the name Max Freeman. He claimed he was leading an entirely volunteer based project. Yet it had paid employees. Where did that money come from? Surely not from volunteers. As mentioned here, one individual by the name of Bret (MethodX) was conned out of $100k. This person was a long-time business contact of Wayan Garvey’s from the office consumables industry which Garvey’s company, Impro Group, operates. Wayan also fleeced Larry Huneycutt of Carolina Wholesale, CEO of Arlington and the 800 lb gorilla of the office consumables trading world, for over $1 million.

Wayan claimed he’d secured around $20 million in investment from PE heavyweights. He even claimed to have liaised with Richard Branson and company on Necker Island.

At the same time Wayan recruited a number of contributors to the project to work as full time paid employees. People from the US, to Latin America, Eastern Europe, West Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia were all brought on and eventually not paid. One of Garvey’s childhood friends is claimed to have advised for the Epic Cash project and written the whitepaper. He apparently had an excess of $20k in pay defaulted on. The former Treasurer and board member of the Epic Blockchain Foundation, a non-profit organization (yes, you read that correctly) which is the parent company of Epic Cash, Cathal Haughian, was also not paid. Due to this and his moral qualms with the mounting pile of defaulted loans that Wayan had amassed spurred Cathal to resign from his position and relinquish his seat at the board.

Jason Seibert, the legal counsel and 3rd board member for the Epic Blockchain Foundation also resigned, stating his refusal to represent the project given Wayan’s steadfast intent on violating securities laws.

Indeed Wayan Garvey intended (and probably still intends) to violate security laws as he’s expressed his intent (written documents exist) to hyperinflate the value of EC using a new cutting edge trading bot in concert with stablecoins and DEXs. That trading bot was to come from Covario (, a company lead by former Goldman Sachs employees, one of whom Garvey attended prep school with, and the other thee chief architect of Epic Cash. There is a paper trail substantiating Garvey’s claim that he invested somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million.

Wayan Garvey’s longtime company, Impro Group, has been plagued with lawsuits raised by Xerox for Impro’s encouragement of contract violation and purchase of goods deemed illegal on the 2nd hand market. Impro Group had warehouses that burned down twice within 2 years of each other. The first, fortuitously, incinerated a vast stock of obsolete product. Together, major concerns of insurance fraud have been raised.

Impro Group is known to have employed a large team of over 100 workers in Chisinau, Moldova. Many of those were fired without pay as their jobs were already replaced by less expensive staff in Madurai, India. Many of those, as it would work out, ended up doing the heavy lifting for the Epic Cash programming.

And the list goes on…

Why does all this matter? It matters because Wayan Garvey is the owner of the dev tax wallet. By sometime in 2021 he’ll have accrued over 1 million Epic Cash tokens, earned off of the unpaid labor of “volunteers” from countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia. There exists no oversight committee on the appropriation of the dev tax funds. 2 of the 3 board members resigned. Only Garvey still exists. For someone who so stinks of a long history of fraud, and who has specifically claimed and hired people to design a plan to inflate the value of his coin, to lay claim to 8% of mining rewards, that puts all investors in this coin at risk. You have been warned…

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