Coin Name Muniti
Coin Code MUN
Summery Description

Munich is launched on March 29, 2014. It went on exchanges within days, before its market cap had risen above the level of being a dead coin. The launcher is ‘radi324’ who, for a refreshing change of pace, does NOT have his email address hidden. The intent is to introduce cryptocurrency to the nation of Malta and to promote Maltese tourism. The developers are apparently actually IN Malta, which is another refreshing change of pace for people who introduce country coins. A 32% premise is reserved for the distribution. Radi324 claims that nearly all of this money will be distributed door-to-door to the Maltese people, with 1% being reserved for a promotional charity donation at a traditional event right after Christmas. Meanwhile, they’ve been actively promoting the coin in Malta, and there is evidence that they’re getting active coverage by local media and recruiting volunteers for their door-to-door paper wallet distribution. It is unfortunate that they went for exchanges so quickly before there was any market capitalization to distinguish them from the thousands of dead coins; I sincerely hope to be taking this off of the list in a bit over 90 days.

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Is Muniti a Scam?

Disclaimer: Muniti Cryptocurrency | Muniti ICO
Muniti is a cryptocurrency project that issued Muniti tokens to its community. Scams in the cryptocurrency space take form in many ways, including exit scams or undedicated project developments.

Is Muniti a Scam ICO?

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– Muniti did an ICO and then exit scammed
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– Muniti token got pumped and dumped by the Muniti team
– Muniti is a dead project with a worthless Muniti token

However, external claims about Muniti project, Muniti token, Muniti team, or even Muniti advisors may not be supported by accusers of Muniti ecosystem and thus individuals seeking to learn more Muniti team or about the Muniti cryptocurrency are recommended to directly contact Muniti team members or Muniti token investors.
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