Coin Name Obsidian
Coin Code ODN
Summery Description

The result of an elaborate ICO Scam. Perpetrated by the oroginal core team of Jordan Schneider aka Sagemark; after making money scamming people woth Worldcoin and Takcoin (DYOR) sagemark teamed up with a German developer name Claus (Blackstone) and a few other bad actors named Alan and Shad. They bilked investors with the promise of a blockchain based private messenger which none of them had the ability to build. After the successful ICO they quickly formed stratis (paid Dan Gershony massive amount cause again, they’re not blockchain devs) then proceeded to PUMP and shill for months. Never building anything but promises. The distribution from ICO have them 60% of the 100kk supply. CMC was given lies for supply that still to this day have not been corrected. And then after all this they went silent. Disappeared. Only sign of them was constantly dumping Odn in market sells on Cryptopia. Millions of dumps. Driving the price to less than nothing. All the investors were left with useless bags. ODN and the team behind it are the epitome of the ICO scams of 2017

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Is Obsidian a Scam?

Disclaimer: Obsidian Cryptocurrency | Obsidian ICO
Obsidian is a cryptocurrency project that issued Obsidian tokens to its community. Scams in the cryptocurrency space take form in many ways, including exit scams or undedicated project developments.

Is Obsidian a Scam ICO?

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– Obsidian did an ICO and then exit scammed
– Obsidian has an undedicated project development after the Obsidian ICO
– Obsidian token got pumped and dumped by the Obsidian team
– Obsidian is a dead project with a worthless Obsidian token

However, external claims about Obsidian project, Obsidian token, Obsidian team, or even Obsidian advisors may not be supported by accusers of Obsidian ecosystem and thus individuals seeking to learn more Obsidian team or about the Obsidian cryptocurrency are recommended to directly contact Obsidian team members or Obsidian token investors.
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