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“First Failed ICO On Ebay For Sale”

This failed ICO made headlines for being the first known failed project to end up on sale on eBay. [1,2]

The sponsor is a failed ICO that attempted to launch in the summer of 2018, according to the Financial Times. The proprietor of the crypto project currently has it listed on eBay for a price of $60,000 and says the firm’s biggest mistake was building a product first. Spongy was intended to be a decentralized sponsorship platform, but the proprietor also openly says that the decentralized aspect isn’t critical. [3]

Ivan Komar, the founder of the Sponsy said:

“We hired a lawyer and that was a big mistake for us. Because our lawyer basically told us that we should not launch any ICO before we built a real product that might have some users. And I asked him why, because I saw so many ICOs out there who did not have any idea for any product, yet they managed to raise tens of millions of dollars.” [4]

Courtesy of a bounty campaign from [5], the project claims to have a “solid social presence,” with over 10,000 likes on Facebook and 8,000 subscribers on Twitter. However, the Twitter page has only been updated twice a month since the company announced its forthcoming token sale last December, and the posts have around ten likes on average. Sony has a similar presence on Facebook, with posts randomly commented on by several seemingly bot-like users. [6]

[1.] – Archived eBay listing
[5.] – Bounty campaign run by that generated it’s bot-like “solid social presence”

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Is Sponsy a Scam?

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Is Sponsy a Scam ICO?

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