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CEO Xueli Li, is supposed to be Chinese Most outstanding entrepreneur in China 2017, however no 3rd Party confirmation exists.
Furthermore, neither google nor baidu search for her name delivers any 3rd party information on her person.
She literally does not exist beyond “paid for submission articles”.

Mainnet and the “1st real world usecase” was supposed to be delivered December 2018 – until today ( July 2019 ) no smart contract execution on the NEO network, no blockchain, no wallet.
Since the last point of the roadmap, December 2018 which is supposed to be the launch of the “mainnet”, the website has not been updated.
In April a new roadmap has been shared in a medium article but the website remains not updated.

Since “new roadmap” no milestone was achieved, or the milestones have been claimed to be achieved by “paid for submission articles” or “awards” neither awarded to THEKEY nor to Ebaonet (supposed to be the mother company). For none of the claims exists any 3rd party confirmation, only “paid for submission articles”

Until September 2018, the Telegram was handled by Africans. From September onwards, they disappeared.
Recently It became obvious that this African Telegram Community Managers changed their names, began to “infiltrate the community” channels
claiming to own 50 million coins ( corresponded to 100k $ ), revealing their wallet and trying to influence the people to hold until a 150 million wallet (Probably venture ) has liquidated the funds and further. However the deposit of the coins on this wallet coincided with the release of the same
number of coins from the team wallet.

team wallet:
Conspiracist wallet:

Token holders are left behind with the wildest claims and speculation of government partnerships and the dream of becoming a millionaire by holding worthless token for which no use-case exists.
The team claims to build a ternary (remember binary ) based multi-consensus Proof of Power blockchain which does not have a native coin however is supposed to accept both THEKEY token(on the Neo blockchain ) and a government stable coin.

Until today no development or other roadmap milestones for this blockchain were achieved!

THEKEY is the textbook China Hustle in Crypto and a very creative fundraising Scam.


Is THEKEY a Scam?

Disclaimer: THEKEY Cryptocurrency | THEKEY ICO
THEKEY is a cryptocurrency project that issued THEKEY tokens to its community. Scams in the cryptocurrency space take form in many ways, including exit scams or undedicated project developments.


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– THEKEY has an undedicated project development after the THEKEY ICO
– THEKEY token got pumped and dumped by the THEKEY team
– THEKEY is a dead project with a worthless THEKEY token

However, external claims about THEKEY project, THEKEY token, THEKEY team, or even THEKEY advisors may not be supported by accusers of THEKEY ecosystem and thus individuals seeking to learn more THEKEY team or about the THEKEY cryptocurrency are recommended to directly contact THEKEY team members or THEKEY token investors.
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