Major Silicon Valley Investor Increases Stake in Crypto

New stats show Bitcoin’s recent surge and the growing profitability of DeFi products is reigniting investment interest in tokenized startups.

Trending DeFi Protocol Targets Partnership to Scale Millions of Users

DeFi is the most bubbling blockchain solution in the current market, with participating DApps generating millions in revenue.

As Competition for DeFi Heats Up, Vitalik Shares his Views

A large chunk of Ethereum’s recent developer activity is attributed to demand for DeFi products.

Bitcoin Cash Community Rejoices Native DeFi Protocol

Since the recent BCH halving, the coin has struggled to retain its value. Its community now hopes DeFi may salvage the network. 

MakerDAO Adds BTC to its Rapidly Expanding List of Acceptable Collateral

Facing steep competition, MakerDAO compelled to welcome Bitcoin community in an effort to remain the DeFi market leader.