Huobi Group Announced DeFi Incubation Platform, As DeFi Sphere Passed New Thresholds

Observing the spark of decentralized finance space, Huobi Group has planned to introduce a new DeFi initiative entitled as Huobi DeFi Lab. 

DeFi Total Value Locked Achieved New Milestone Of $4 Billion

The DeFi sector continues to fabricate rapid growth as the total value locked in the DeFi protocols surpassed the target of $4 billion.

DeFi Bubble: Newly Launched Balancer Token follows COMP Token’s Explosive Price Action

Despite having a fraction of the volume of major centralized exchanges, DeFi tokens are competing for market valuations held by titans like Huobi and OKEx.

Major Silicon Valley Investor Increases Stake in Crypto

New stats show Bitcoin’s recent surge and the growing profitability of DeFi products is reigniting investment interest in tokenized startups.

Trending DeFi Protocol Targets Partnership to Scale Millions of Users

DeFi is the most bubbling blockchain solution in the current market, with participating DApps generating millions in revenue.