Price Analysis
Bitcoin Is Ready For Another Inevitable Bull Run According To Data

Bitcoin has been trading in-between $8,000 and $10,000 for the last month and it’s still looking for a clear bull or bear break.

HIVE Gains 730% on Huobi, Crashes on Binance

The recent fork of Steem has seen some impressive gains after its announcement and listing on Huobi Global. Hive saw a 730% price increase on Bittrex and 530% on Huobi.

Bitcoin Could Blow Up And Hit $8,000 If This Key Resistance is Broken

Bitcoin has been in a daily uptrend for around 3 weeks now and continues posting gains every single day.

Bitcoin Getting Ready For a Bounce, Coronavirus Outbreak More Serious Than Expected

The recent Coronavirus outbreak was supposed to help Bitcoin and the crypto market in general.

Ethereum Still Far Weaker Due to PlusToken Scammers Dumping

Ethereum has been struggling for a while now, however, recently the digital asset has been facing even bigger problems like the PlusToken scam.