Price Analysis
Bitcoin Getting Ready For a Bounce, Coronavirus Outbreak More Serious Than Expected

The recent Coronavirus outbreak was supposed to help Bitcoin and the crypto market in general.

Ethereum Still Far Weaker Due to PlusToken Scammers Dumping

Ethereum has been struggling for a while now, however, recently the digital asset has been facing even bigger problems like the PlusToken scam.

Ethereum Bounces But is Still In Trouble

The digital asset experienced a massive 16% bounce just a few hours ago with increasing bull volume, however, ETH remains weaker than the rest.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Huge 15.7% Bounce

Yesterday, Bitcoin fell below $6500 but quickly recovered and bounced back up to $7440 and it’s currently still trading at around $7200.

Bitcoin Bear Break Below $7,000 Not Convincing

Bitcoin just broke below $7000 but there was basically no continuation as the price stopped at around $6800 and BTC is now trading at $6900.