SEC Forces Telegram to Shutter $1.7 Billion TON Project

The SEC, in coordination with US courts, has demanded Telegram to shut down blockchain operations, or else face sanctions. 

Ethereum Foundation: The Best Crypto VC

Ethereum Foundation’s investments have boosted the value of its own resources, while enabling significant contributions to the Ethereum base layer.

Step Aside EOS, VCs Have a New Favorite Coin

As VCs jump off the EOS ship, many with great losses, Dubai-backed Tezos becomes the new VC-favorite.

Crypto VC Squandering $75 Million of Investor Money

The fund became famous in 2017 during the crypto bull run after raising at least $75 million.

CZ Leads Most Overpriced Crypto Acquisition

CZ expands his empire through an acquisition that could squeeze out the competition.