Can Blockchain Technology Replace Banks?

The real-world use cases of Blockchain have been increasing and people are using the technology to create a growing global market that experts expect to rise to more than $2 billion by 2023

Maduro Opens Petro-Only Casino in Venezuela

Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro has recently given the green light to a...

Cryptocurrency Trading Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Trading cryptocurrencies can be a really complex and time-consuming task. There are...

Japanese Government Says NO to Crazy 100x Leverage Options

The JapanTimes News recently published an article talking about how the Financial Services Agency will limit leverage in cryptocurrency margin trading.

Are Crypto Trading Signals Worth it?

Cryptocurrency trading signals can actually be really profitable for any trader. The way it works is usually through a platform, emails or something along those lines where the customer gets daily ‘trade calls’.

Turkey’s Going to Regulate the Crypto Market

On Jan 4, Turkish media reports, Capital Markets Board of Turkey is designing a regulations to examine, record, and monitor the crypto markets in the country.

IMF Chief Economist: Great Run For Digital Currencies but No US Dollar Takeover

IMF chief economist argues that there is little proof digital currencies have done much to lessen the cost of movement of value.

Coinbase Pro App for Android OS

Coinbase announced Pro mobile app for Android’s operating system.

Virginia Utilizes Blockchain For Elections

The Virginia state assembly is planning to bring elections and voting reform by examining blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Price Jumps After US Attack

On Friday, the price of cryptocurrencies bounced as much as 5 percent, with Bitcoin reaching as high as $7,300. This wave, which increased the rates of oil and gold, also propelled bitcoin into a positive zone.

High liquidity: How Important is it for Profitable Trading?

New crypto traders often have to learn a lot of terms in order to get on board of the crypto train and make the most out of it. One of the terms that confuse most newbies is liquidity.

Ethereum Completes Muir Glacier upgrade within one month

On Jan 2 the block 9,200,000 was mined. With the mining of the block, the network has implemented the Muir Glacier upgrade.

Bitfinex Is Tightening the KYC Process Even Further

Bitfinex is known for having a pretty strict KYC process and asking for a lot of information from his clients. The exchange has recently sent emails to its clients demanding more identity information.

Is Apple Cracking Down on Decentralized Applications?

According to a recent announcement by Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, they might be forced to remove the Coinbase Wallet App from the App Store due to new App Store policies.

Libra is a Failed Project, According to the President of Switzerland

Facebook’s Libra has been facing a ton of criticism and regulatory pressure. Ueli Maurer, the president of Switzerland has recently stated that Libra is simply a failed project.