Xiao Gang Emphasizes The Need for a Reform To Accelerate Blockchain Development

China is looking into the development of blockchain technology to boost its economic activities.

Cardano Expects Coinbase Listing Soon

Cardano’s consistently high trading volumes open new growth opportunities for Coinbase, which has lost rank to active listers from Asia. 

USD Coin Market Cap Reaches $1 Billion

The DeFi boom’s key beneficiaries have been issuers of centralized stablecoins. 

Horizon Kinetics Spends Estimated $30M on Bitmain Products

 US institutions continue scrabble for the overtaking of Chinese hashrate dominance.

Analysis: Boomers and Gen X Are Diversifying their Holdings by Investing in Bitcoin

A new study reveals that the older population interest in Bitcoin is growing and they are investing more than ever.

Grayscale Sees Massive 50% Drop In Its Ethereum Trust Shares

Grayscale shares in ETHE, which invests in the second-largest cryptocurrency, has dropped around 50% in value this week.

DeFi Bubble: Newly Launched Balancer Token follows COMP Token’s Explosive Price Action

Despite having a fraction of the volume of major centralized exchanges, DeFi tokens are competing for market valuations held by titans like Huobi and OKEx.