Analysis: 3 Million Bitcoin Wallets Hold At least $1,000, New Record

There has been a rapid surge in active Bitcoin wallets, but Ethereum beats out the king on several wallet metrics. 

Grayscale $3.8 Billion Investment In Crypto Keeps Growing

Grayscale Trust Fund now holds a total of $3.8 billion worth of cryptos under management.

Growing Bitcoin Mixers Used by Darknet Entities Challenge BTC’s Legality

The Crystal Blockchain Analytics has published a report on May 19 that reveals a surge in Bitcoin mixing services utilizing the darknet.

Financial Firms Look to Bitcoin Custody as New Revenue Source

Following a new $300M funding round, yet failing to grow trading market share, Bakkt turns to the fiercely competitive custody business. 

Major Silicon Valley Investor Increases Stake in Crypto

New stats show Bitcoin’s recent surge and the growing profitability of DeFi products is reigniting investment interest in tokenized startups.

Bitcoin Bulls Rejected From $10,000 Again But Bullish Sentiment Still Strong

Many traders feared a possible mining capitalization as well as a massive crash after the Halving, however, interest in Bitcoin seems to remain quite high.

OKEx Accuses CMC of Ranking Binance Higher After Its Recent Acquisition

Alysa Xu, chief strategy officer of OKEx, called out CMC for its new ranking metrics, stating that they are heavily inaccurate.