19 Years Old Hacker Got 20 Months in Jail

August 16, 2019 4:43 PM UTC

A 19 years old kid from the United Kingdom has just been sentenced to 20 months in jail because of his hacking services as well as offering stolen data in return for crypto.

The police seized Gunton’s laptop in April 2018 which they found by mistake during a routine visit to his home because of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order that was imposed to Gunton in June 2016.

The information found on the computer included personal data of other individuals like mobile phone numbers as well as evidence of Gunton advertising hacking services in exchange for Bitcoin.

The police also found many sophisticated measures on Gunton’s computer in order to hide his activity, however, a few conversations were still found about him discussing criminal activity.

Gunton was ordered to pay back  £407,359 and will not be able to use any kind of device that has access to the internet for three and a half years unless it has the ability to retain all the history of internet use and can be made available upon request by a police officer.

Mark Stratford, Detective Sergeant said:

This was a complex investigation which relied on the expertise of officers and staff from the Norfolk and Suffolk Cybercrime Unit. This emerging type of criminality requires police investigators to be at the forefront of technological advancements in order to effectively combat the ever-growing paradigm of cybercrime.

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