AnRKey X Set To Launch The First Ever Refundable SHO

December 9, 2020 7:54 PM UTC

AnRKey X is a decentralized finance gaming platform that merges the world of decentralized finance with e-Sports and NFTs. The team behind the project has worked hard for the past few months to come up with a new revolutionary but simple product aimed at rewarding ‘addicted degens’ and competitive e-Sports gamers.

Our gDEX protocol brings the groundbreaking potential to enable full-scale real gaming industry interactive games based around DeFi liquidity mining systems, incorporating in-game and collectible NFT marketplaces — all with virtual eSports DNA at every level.

The initial token sale will be launched through the DAO Maker platform, specialized in sales and strategic consulting as well as community incubation.

The initial project valuation will be $3,493,750 with a total token supply of 200,000,000 ANRX from which 2.5% will be used in the SHO. The main goal behind a refundable SHO is that whitelisted participants can receive up to 80% of their funds in return if the project fails in the first 6 months.

The SHO started on December 7 and will end on December 13 with a price of $0.025 per token and no lock-up, but a personal cap of $500 per participant.

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