Are Crypto Trading Signals Worth it?

January 11, 2020 11:18 PM UTC

Cryptocurrency trading signals can actually be really profitable for any trader. The way it works is usually through a platform, emails or something along those lines where the customer gets daily ‘trade calls’.

These calls basically tell the trader what to do, if he needs to buy Bitcoin, short Ethereum or whatever it is. They are created by professional traders and can be based on a multitude of factors like technical indicators, overall trends, rumors, news and more.

Too Good to be True?

So, someone can pay for trading signals that are accurate and profitable and just make money? Well, yes, however, there are some risks.

First of all, there are a lot of platforms out there that are simply not legit, always make sure to use reputable platforms that have good reviews from customers like WhaleAgents.

Trading signals are intended to be followed at all costs as even professional traders cannot be 100% accurate all the time. For example, from 20 trade calls, maybe only 14 are profitable while 6 are not, if you only follow a few of those calls and end up only following the bad ones, you can lose money.

What Good Trade Calls Look Like

You want to make sure the platform you are using gives accurate but also simple to follow trade calls. A good trade call should simply state what the trader needs to do without having to explain why.

For instance, WhaleAgents announced this call 1 day before WABI reached 2097 which was around a 6.5% profit and eventually reached a 10% profit.

Good cryptocurrency signals are rare to find, however, they do exist and once you find the right platform, you can start making a lot of profit and even learn something about Technical Analysis.

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