Bart Pattern Might Save Litecoin (LTC)

October 19, 2019 11:44 PM UTC

The ‘Bart’ Crypto pattern has been a well-documented pattern that involves a big move to the upside or downside followed by sideways trading and then a similar move in the opposite direction.

This pattern is actually quite frequent among cryptocurrencies due to their volatile nature. Most experts actually agree that the Bart pattern happens so frequently in the crypto markets due to a lack of liquidity. The initial move happens because of one person and then has no continuation due to a lack of liquidity. Eventually, a similar move happens to the opposite side because people realize, the previous move was nothing but air.

This pattern seems to be forming in the Litecoin daily chart. An ‘Inverse Bart Pattern’ after the recent market crash.

Litecoin has been really weak, trading sideways for the majority of the time after the crash. The digital currency has been unable to see a significant upside but hasn’t experienced a huge drop in price either.

If the Bart pattern gets confirmed, Litecoin could see a huge move to the upside, similar to the move that happened when the market crashed.  This means that we could see an impressive 50% move to the upside within the next few weeks.

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