Binance Domain is no Longer Prohibited Website After the Russian Court Order

January 21, 2021 12:51 PM UTC

Binance daily trade volume has surged abruptly to smash a new high of more than $80 billion, according to January 4 report. Exchange’s spot volume topped $23.6 billion, while its derivatives trade drew almost $57 billion.

On Twitter, CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao compared the recent achievement to the previous record-breaking activities: 

“To put this in perspective, from Nov 15, 2017, to Dec 15, 2017, the month leading up to the ATH in 2017, @Binance did $20 billion in trading volume in 1 month. And we were the largest with those volumes back then.

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) January 4, 2021.”

Binance Russia Trading Remain Unaffected

Binance had faced regulatory restrictions in Russia as its website came on the list of prohibited websites in September 2020. However, the site of the leading exchange is no longer blacklisted, as per a new ruling of the Russian court.

According to the Kommersant report, the latest court decision returns an earlier ruling made in 2020. Binance Russian telegram channel mentioned that Roskomnadzor, the telecom regulator based in Russia, had blacklisted the exchange site to the register of platform disseminating prohibited information. Binance faced restrictions due to the distribution of information related to the crypto acquisition, as disclosed in the September announcement. 

Despite being placed on the blacklist, Russians can still reach the Binance domain without utilizing any added services. However, Binance URL is available on Roskomnadzor official register of blacklisted sites.

Operation head of Binance in Russia Glob Kostarev said, “though the September ban had no impact on our volumes in Russia, for us it was important to protect our reputation and appeal in this case,” he added, “after getting a document we will send a notification to remove us from the list.”

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