Binance Giving Away a Tesla CyberTruck and $50k in TROY Tokens

December 23, 2019 4:36 PM UTC

Binance has announced a Tesla Giveaway a few days ago as well as $50,000 in TROY tokens. TROY was listed on Binance after its Launchpad and according to the announcement, the team of TROY has committed to giving away the latest model of the Tesla CyberTruck Double Motor AWD which is also worth around $50,000.

Competition period: 2019/12/23 0:00 AM to 2019/12/30 0:00 AM (UTC)

In order to participate, users of Binance will need to trade TROY tokens and will win according to the total volume traded. The competition works on all TROY trading pairs and will select 20 winners with the first place winner getting the Tesla CyberTruck and the second place $10,000 in TROY tokens.

Binance isn’t the first one trying to give away a new Tesla CyberTruck. Recently, Justin Sun, CEO of TRON stated that he wanted to give away a Tesla Cybertruck and that he would love to collaborate with Poloniex to do so.

Binance Coin Still one of the Hottest Cryptos

BNB has been outperforming many cryptocurrencies even though it has suffered a significant crash this year too. Binance also continues outperforming other cryptocurrency exchanges and is clearly helping BNB.

BNB has a ton of trading pairs and offers discounted fees to Binance users which leads to a more stable price and it’s not as influenced by the rest of the market.

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