Binance Officially Started Delivering Swipe Powered Binance Card

July 26, 2020 4:44 PM UTC


In April 2020, Binance, the leading crypto exchange in the crypto space, had revealed a new product, the Binance Card. The Binance introduces its own Debit Card in order to keep up with the several existing Crypto Card services. 

After completing the testing phase, The crypto exchange has started delivering its debit visa cards to users. Recently Binance has officially announced to launch the Binance card in Europe and the United Kingdom.

While communicating with interested community members, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, tweeted on July 25, “This started shipping in limited quantities as of yesterday, I heard.” 

Binance Card will be utilizing Swipe technology as Binance acquired Swipe on July 6. John Khenneth, COO of Swipe, said that the two firms “will be working closely together to launch crypto debit cards throughout various regions in the world.”

Binance Debit Card Will Launch Globally

Binance Card will empower users to make payments in a variety of cryptos, including Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Swipe’s native token, and Binance USD, for services and shopping across 200 regions worldwide.

On July 10. Changpeng Zhao mentioned in a tweet that he participated in the Binance Card pilot test. “All real transactions” were conducted during the beta test, including Lazada, a leading e-commerce platform, Amazon’s audio store Audible, and Uber alternative Grab, as noted by CZ. 

Disclosing additional plans for the binance card, CZ announces that the crypto debit card will be pegged with the bench of new features in upcoming days.

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