Bitcoin Stable Waiting for The Big Move

September 15, 2019 5:05 PM UTC

Bitcoin has been pretty stable for the past 3 days with a healthy consolidation for the bulls which are waiting for the big move. The last 3 days had a drop in volume and bulls have been buying the small dips.

Bitcoin is set for another leg up probably tomorrow, it remains to be seen if the bulls will be able to break above the high of $10905 or set a lower high, we have projected a lower high.

BTC is now trading below the 26-Day EMA but above the 12 EMA.  The 4-Hour chart shows choppy action with long upper and lower wicks.

The weekly chart has confirmed a higher low of $9320 and a lower high of $10905. The bulls have the upper hand right now as they are closer from a bull break than a bear break and they are trading above both EMA’s.

The monthly chart hasn’t changed much as anything the bulls do will probably be a lower high compared to $14000


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