Blockstream Blames China-Based BITMAIN for Creating Failing Machines

April 28, 2020 4:55 PM UTC

BITMAIN is the leading ASIC manufacturer, giving it incredible sway in the cryptocurrency space. However, another major industry player has made public accusations against BITMAIN.

Blockstream has warned the crypto mining community about high failure rates of BITMAIN rigs. Blockstream is a blockchain infrastructure firm. Its CSO, Samson Mow, posted a tweet on April 21 that highlights the failure rates. 

Blockstream’s leadership claims that Bitmain has technical problems with its mining rigs. According to Samson Mow, the miners that utilize the Bitmain S17 and T17 Antminer have been facing massive failure rates, ranging between 20-30%, while in normal circumstances, failure rates are approximately 5%.

Samson Mow’s tweet mentioned that miners utilizing Bitmain rigs have been listing various technical problems. Miners faced heat sink issues and problems with power supply fans on the Antminer S17 and T17 rigs. 

Both models are built to control the heat generated by the mining apparatus. Samson also highlighted in his tweet that Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitmain, is blaming co-founder Micree Zhan for the technical faults. 

Bitcoin Halving is Almost Here: Critical Time for BITMAIN Sales

The recent technical issues will develop tense competition between major mining companies Bitmain and MicroBT. The rig fall off comes few days before the most anticipated event, Bitcoin halving. 

Both firms are pushing all corners to develop the most advanced and sophisticated mining rigs. MicroBT has announced that its upcoming flagship model (MS30S++) would have a hash rate of 112 TH/s, and its delivery would be in June.

On the other side, Bitmain has developed the new S19 Antminer Pro with a hash rate of 110 TH/s. The company declares the new mining rig is better than its previous generations. It seems to be true, as the firm has observed a surge in its demand and sold the updated S19 model successfully. The new model would be shipped on March 23, a day before Bitcoin Halving. 

Despite Blockstream’s accusations, BITMAIN has not seen any notable drop in sales.

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