BitTorrent Live Streaming Platform is on the Way

August 29, 2019 1:18 AM UTC

BitTorrent has just released a blog post stating that the internal testing of their streaming platform has started. BitTorrent is a p2p streaming protocol that uses the blockchain technology to create a decentralized streaming application.

BitTorrent Live (BLive) is the platform that enables users to create live videos and connect with other people with similar interests. BLive allows payments in their native cryptocurrency BTT as well as other cryptocurrencies.

BLive has similar features to big centralized streaming platforms, the biggest difference is the amount of money they take. Big platforms usually take a huge cut of the profit generated by streamers and content creators. BLive is supposed to be fairer to content creators and bring them more revenue.

BitTorrent already has 100 million monthly active users, a huge number which will help BLive tremendously.

The blog post states that there are 3 main stages of testing for BLive, the alpha version, estimated to end in Q3, 2019, the beta version, estimated to end in Q4, 2019 and the full version which should be completed by the end of Q1 2020.

The BitTorrent team is confident and they think BLive could become the biggest livestream platform:

Entertainment has long been the industry that brings new technology and new ways of socializing to the center of public attention. Thanks to BitTorrent’s hundreds of millions of users, BLive has the potential to become a blockchain-based livestream platform with the most token holders. It will also make blockchain more commercially applicable, and strengthen the BTT ecosystem.



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