The Blockchain startup BloomBloc Will Enable Users to Trace Palm Oil

March 26, 2020 1:52 PM UTC

BloomBloc, a blockchain startup firm and The Malaysian Palm Oil Council have collaborated to use blockchain technology on the country’s palm oil supply chain. They have designed an application that empowers consumers to track palm oil throughout the supply chain.

According to Foodbev Media,  the project is only in a testing phase. The system is successfully applied to local plantations and palm oil producers. Smart devices are used to record each tree and its affiliated data into the system. Mostly, only checkpoints are done through the smartphone app which allows consumers to track the process, starting from the plantation, to mill, and the final product.

MPOC CEO Datuk Dr. Kalyana Sundram said:

“It speaks volumes about our trust in our supply chain. And it is yet another way Malaysia is showing the world that we value our people and our planet. We hope that by creating this platform and demonstrating the benefits of using blockchain technology, we will encourage others who are practicing sustainable agriculture to follow our lead.”

Malaysia Expands Its Blockchain Ecosystem

Malaysia is actively employing digital ledger technology to bring transparency in the agricultural and food supply chain. In 2019, Penang, a northwest Malaysian state, announced to utilize blockchain technology to track the origin of goods and provide information to consumers about infections that contaminated food spread.

The Ministry of Education is also looking to adopt blockchain technology to bring transparency to the education system. The Ministry is working with the NEM blockchain to design an app to resolve the concern of fraud certificate.

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