Brave Shakes Hands with Winklevoss Brothers, Ripple Overlooked

April 7, 2020 4:37 PM UTC

Brave, a blockchain-based internet browser, has marked a surge in its number of users. On April 1, Des Martin, head of marketing at Brave, posted a Tweet that over 1 million new individuals had registered to Brave in March. 

Meanwhile, according to an article posted by Bloomberg, web surfing traffic is surged as most of the world is restricting social activities due to the pandemic. Self-quarantine has raised the demand for applications such as web browsing, online gaming, and shopping services. Simultaneously, as people have become concerned about the possibility of a recession, Brave has thrived as it offers not only browsing services, but pays its users for consuming ads.

The browser’s user base multiplied from 2018 to 2019, pulling people on the basis of both privacy and a reward for consuming ads. The platform, which has its own token (BAT), issued during an initial coin offering that raised $35 million, is evidence to the ability of ICOs to lead to successful projects. 

Given Brave’s massive userbase and on-going success, many doors have been opened for synergistic opportunities. It recently partnered with Binance to offer an extension for trading, and the browser is now earning a slot in Gemini’s order books. 

Winklevoss Brothers Run a Picky Exchange

Gemini, an exchange founded by the billionaire Winklevoss twins supports only 5 coins, and even Ripple does not make the list. The highly exclusive fiat exchange has some of the most liquid fiat pairs in the market, offering regulated onramps to a select list of coins which will soon include Brave’s BAT token.

On April 6, the Gemini website announced to support trading for Brave’s native token (BAT). Investors will soon be allowed to transfer BAT into the Gemini accounts and start trading. 

The announcement included: 

“BAT is the sixth digital asset available for trading on the Gemini platform, joining bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and Zcash. We will be offering USD, BTC, and ETH trading pairs for BAT on both our continuous order book and our automated block trading system.”

This is a significant milestone for the browser as it is accessing new fiat onramps directly to its token, removing the need for many users to exchange-hop in an effort to go from fiat to BAT.

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