Brave Teamed Up with Gemini to Launch Instant Exchange Extension

August 28, 2020 2:51 PM UTC

Brave, a privacy-oriented internet browser powered by blockchain technology, has teamed up with Gemini, a giant cryptocurrency exchange. The new collaboration will empower Brave users to access Gemini accounts from the browser. 

Brave announced that it has merged the official Gemini widget on the new tab page to allow instant access to exchange’s orderbooks. This initiative will permit Brave’s active users to trade crypto without leaving the browser. Using new features, users can check their balance and receive deposit addresses.

The report further unfolded that Brave verified content creators are allowed to access a Gemini Creator Wallet in order to custody their cryptos. Brave users can deposit BAT, browser native token, to Creator Wallet, which can also carry several other Gemini supported cryptos.

Earlier in April 2020, the browser also added a Binance widget. It provides users comfortable access to get their earned BAT from the browser tab. However, Binance advanced features are not available as Brave widget primarily focuses on spot trading access. Through the widget, users are enjoying all the trading pairs available on the localized Binance platform. 

Growing Usage of Brave Browser

Brave browser has grown extensively in 2020. According to June 2020 reports, active users have grown by 125% and reached a new milestone of 15 million monthly active users. On the other side, daily active users hit over 5 million targets after rising to a new level.

Moreover, the privacy orientated browser had also received a remarkable endorsement. Joe Rogan, a famous Podcaster, revealed in his show that he employs Brave browser to bypass online advertisements and Google tracking. In a June episode with Reggie Watts, Rogan devoted show’s 30 minutes to explain the benefits of utilizing the Brave browser. Podcaster acknowledges that privacy is the key feature of the browser.

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