Cataluña will launch its own identity platform based on the Blockchain

September 9, 2019 5:53 PM UTC

Cataluña, autonomous community of Spain is planning to create an identity program/platform based on the blockchain technology. The government said it will guarantee the maximum amount of privacy of data.

The project is called IdentiCAT, a new model of digital identity that is decentralized. Citizens will be the owners and managers of their identity without having to rely on third-parties.

Citizens will be able to generate and manage their identity using their mobile phone or PC. The president of the ‘Generalitat’, Quim Torra, said this new project is aimed to empower the citizen.

This technology will only be available for legal citizens and public or private companies. If a citizen has to demonstrate its identity, he will be able to do so while maintaining privacy over all the other data contained in the identity. An example of this would be proving that you are of legal age but without revealing your place or date of birth.

This project is part of the Blockchain Strategy of Cataluña which was approved by the government on June 18. The program also includes the creation of different tools that can generate Identity, integrate them with existing systems and authentication.


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