Coinbase is set to Launch a Push Notification Feature to Alert users on Real-time Cryptocurrency Prices

June 20, 2019 10:19 PM UTC


Cryptocurrencues exchange Coinbase has announced intentions to launch a new push notification feature for the purpose of alerting mobile app users on price swings and market fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. This service will be launched by the exchange’s startup.

This initiative was borne out of the need to relieve Coinbase users and investors, the stress of shuttling between various applications and websites to be updated on real-time prices of cryptocurrencies. It was also noted that Coinbase exchange’s startup had previously offered price alerts for limited assets.

A Coinbase representative disclosed that:

“Customers asked for real-time price alerts natively in the Coinbase app to address the inconvenience of having to check multiple sources for crypto market information,”
Real-time price alerts available natively in the Coinbase app streamlines access to information that helps customers make more informed investment decisions.”

The report also revealed that the new price alert feature will information pertaining to the change in percentage of price swing, the time of occurrence and the current price in which the token is valued at. Users will be able to opt out of the service at any time and also be enabled to track any asset.

Earlier on, Coinbase had reportedly launched a service which was tagged Watchlist, allowing users customized the pattern in which market data is displayed.

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