Contentos (COS) Joins Samsung Ecosystem and Announces Partnership With Theta Network

April 9, 2020 5:10 PM UTC

Contentos, the developers of COS.TV, the blockchain content ecosystem, have unveiled a new partnership with the Theta Network.

According to the official announcement, Contentos plans to use THETA to ‘accelerate the development of video optimization’ as well as creating a better user experience.

Additionally, Theta Network allows users to share bandwidth and other resources with their own communities in a decentralized manner. Users earn rewards in the form of tokens for contributing to the network.

Contentos Joins Samsung Ecosystem

COS is now also available on Samsung’s Blockchain Wallet, a non-custodial crypto wallet that allows users to store their crypto funds and browse through hundreds of recommended decentralized applications.

COS.TV, the application developed by Contentos is also available on Samsung’s DApp store.

This represents a huge milestone for Contentos and the adoption of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As expected, the price of COS saw a significant spike today peaking at around $0.007. The spike represented a 20% price increase and will surely help COS in the long-term as well.

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