Craig Wright Having Difficulties Proving he is Satoshi Nakamoto

December 29, 2019 2:26 AM UTC

Craig Wright, self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor, aka Satoshi Nakamoto seems to be having some difficulties proving his real identity. A recent court ruling earlier this year stated that Craig Wright needs to forfeit around $3 billion in Bitcoin.

However, it seems that Wright doesn’t know where the original private key is. This is a bit strange because Wright has been claiming to be Satoshi and has stated that he can easily move all the funds that Satoshi owns.

Do People Believe Craig Wright?

Craig Wright does, in fact, have a lot of supporters and his own cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision also had a lot of support at the beginning and was listed on major exchanges like Binance, however, recently, most exchanges have delisted the coin.

Craig Wright is facing a lot of pressure from the courts to give Dave Kleiman half of his fortune that was mined prior to 2014.

“I do not intend to dump my family’s BTC as some people suspect or want, as this would hurt many people in the industry,”

Wright said in the statement to Bloomberg

The judge stated that Wright’s testimony was intentionally false and that Wright has been deceiving with his statements. The lawsuit is still ongoing.

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