Cryptocurrency Adoption Growing Everyday

August 24, 2019 11:57 AM UTC

A1 Telekom Austria to Accept Crypto Payments

A1 Telekom Austria, a major Austrian mobile network operator will be accepting digital currencies in selected A1 shops for the most important digital currencies.

Paying with digital currencies is becoming more and more prevalent internationally, and every industry is affected. With our pilot operation in the A1 shops we are testing the demand and acceptance of digital currencies in Austria,

Said Markus Schreiber, the Head of A1 Business Marketing. A1 is assuming a great responsibility , however this is only a multi-stage trial.

A1 will be partnering with Salamantex, Ingenico and Concardis to enable an easy and effective solution for crypto payments while minimizing risk. Customers will receive the current price rate and the risk of volatility and price fluctuation will be solved through providers.

Africa’s Standard Bank embarked in a new Blockchain-based membership

The largest African Bank will start collaborating with a blockchain finance network called the Marco Polo Network.

Together they will develop new financial solutions using the blockchain technology. The network already consists of more than 20 other financial firms. The network is a platform that allows broker-dealer services and is also offering derivatives and equities.

The Marco Polo Network allows any member of the network to build their own solutions. Members can connect with each other and share data in real time.

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