DAO Maker (DAO) will be listed on KuCoin and Gate on February 9

February 8, 2021 9:19 PM UTC

The long-awaited cryptocurrency, DAO will be finally released tomorrow on February 9 on KuCoin and Gate.io. The digital asset will be dually listed on February 9, 2021, 9:00 UTC on KuCoin and Gate.

The DAO token has an initial circulating supply of 16,400,000 at an issued price of $0.1 putting the digital asset at a market capitalization of only $1,640,000.

After celebrating DAO Maker’s 3rd anniversary, the platform has decided to finally launch its own token in a DYCO format which means participants will have the ability to refund up to 65% of the initial investment. This token sale also includes an innovative way of releasing the tokens.

The Toll Bridge allows token buyers to burn a portion of their tokens to skip the vesting schedule if they want to. However, they can remain committed to the schedule and receive 20% every quarter.

DAO Maker Token Sale Key Metrics:

Token Sale Framework: DYCO

Dynamic Supply: 234M (max refund) to 312M

Dynamic Hardcap: 2.73M — 7.8M

Dynamic Valuation: $10.92M — $31.2M

You can check out the official website to understand more about the DYCO sale and DAO Maker.

Among the first exchanges adopting DAO Maker’s native token ( DAO ) will be Kucoin and Gate. DAO Maker will be pioneering on Kucoin on Tuesday, February 9th. Fronting a DAO/USDT pair. Simultaneously on Gate, Tuesday, February 9th. Fronting a DAO/USDT pair and DAO/BTC pair.

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