DAO Maker (DAO) will enable normal people to invest in startups while minimizing risk

January 21, 2021 9:04 PM UTC

DAO Maker is not a new cryptocurrency platform, it has already proven its worth in the past by holding extremely successful token sales and attracting over 70,000 retail investors in the past two years.

The platform specializes in venture capital but dedicated to the average investor. DAO Maker has conducted several sales in the past and created a brand new token sale called DYCO (Dynamic Coin Offering).

A DYCO is a similar token sale to the traditional ICO, but with one fundamental difference, 100% of the circulating supply is backed by USDC for the first 16 months. If the token value falls below the initial price, investors have the option to refund up to 80% of their coins which will be burned.

The first DYCO was Orion Protocol (ORN), a total success reaching 77x at its all-time high.

The DAO token

Now, after many successful token sales, DAO Maker is launching its own token called DAO. The private sale has been a success already with the last sale processed on Gate.io reaching 1,252 participants and 25x oversubscription.

The DAO token will be used for a variety of actions like staking, governance of the platform, and fee rewards generated from the source.

dao maker

There are a ton of use-cases for the DAO token with a special focus on Venture Bonds. DAO Maker has also recently created a new type of token sale called the Strong Holder Offering (SHO) which is basically designed to build a community of investors that are active and have ‘strong hands’.

The most recent SHO announced is called Seascape Network, a gaming ecosystem that utilizes blockchain-based elements for gaming.


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