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September 19, 2019 7:07 PM UTC

DAO Maker is a platform composed of Social Mining operations as well as services to help projects grow. DAO Maker will help projects with their token economy and token metrics as they are really important aspects of a tokenized project.

Token economy

Tokens are supposed to have utility in some way and incentivize the community to want to acquire more tokens instead of just holding or selling them. DAO Maker has analyzed dozens of projects, both successful and unsuccessful to find out what makes a good project good. DAO Maker knows the most effective token strategy to ensure the success of the development of the project as well as community growth.

Additionally, DAO Maker will actually invest in the project’s private sale to ensure they are genuinely interested in helping the project.

DAO Maker has a pretty reputable portfolio with really big and innovative projects like ECOMI, Elrond Network or 2KEY.


DAO Maker offers projects help with exchange listing, we all know that’s needed at some point, KYC/AML compliance, one of the most cost-effective services. DAO also offers overall marketing help and services and they manage a wide network of influencers that can certainly help to spread awareness of projects.

Social Mining, a system that allows projects to reward community members that are valuable.

The need for services like DAO Maker is actually increasing, in 2019, the number of ICO’s has dropped, however, the appearance of IEO’s (Initial Exchange Offering) as well as STO’s (Security Token Offering) is increasing.


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