DASH Reacts to Coinbase Listing Announcement

September 13, 2019 4:24 PM UTC

Coinbase Pro, a popular cryptocurrency exchange will accept DASH from September 16th. The listing announcement has caused a lot of movement in the DASH/USD/USDT pairs.

Yesterday DASH had a massive surge from $85 all the way up to $98.77 and then a massive rejection giving back 99% of the move back in just 15 minutes on Binance and had a similar reaction on all Exchanges.

Today, the bulls came back with another big surge, and DASH is currently up by 7% getting close to the top of $98.7

DASH is trading above both EMA’s with a ton of volume. The bulls are currently trading in a daily uptrend and the RSI is not even extended yet.

Ignoring the 15-Minutes action, the 4-Hour chart is in a big uptrend with DASH trading way above the EMA’s which have crossed bullish.

Zooming out to the Weekly chart, we can see that DASH is still in a massive downtrend even after the recent bull move. The bulls still need a lot of work to change the trend and will face the 12-day EMA as resistance if they can keep the momentum going.

The monthly chart shows some hope for the bulls as they are trying to set a higher low compared to $57.04 and a lower high to confirm an Equilibrium Pattern.


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