DeFi’s Meteoric Growth Surpasses the $7 Billion in Locked Funds

August 26, 2020 3:34 PM UTC

The growing trend of decentralized finance seems unstoppable. The defi sector has exhibited massive excitement so far in 2020. The meteoric surge displays that users are quickly interacting with the defi protocols.

DeFi Pulse analysis shows that defi space has surpassed an important milestone. The total value of capital locked in the sector rallied almost 271% to attain a $7 billion threshold for the time. Moreover, the analytic site highlights that defi sentiments are in a positive state. If defi protocols continue to fabricate the same pattern of growth, the sector will worth more than $27 billion in the last quarter of 2020.

According to market data and inside reports, Aave has appeared as a leading defi project with $1.15 billion. Whereas MakerDAO stands a second position with almost $1.42 billion locked, followed by Curve Finance with $1.15 billion, yEarn Finance with $845 million, Synthetic, and Compound carries $801 billion and $797 million, respectively.

Mainly Aave’s token rallied 30% after receiving approval from the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority. The regulators approved Aave, the defi lending and credit protocol, and issued an Electronic Money Institution license.

Quickly Capture Attention Provoke Precautionary Tale

Amid the defi bullish phase, several decentralized finance protocols have presented great potential and quickly got the attention of the community. However, few of them are able to maintain their status.

Yam Finance, an experiential defi project, experienced a dramatic rise and fall, which resulted in the loss of cryptos worth more than $750,000. Similarily in April 2020, a hacker was able to breach decentralized finance project dForce and drain more than 90% of the locked funds in just a couple of hours.

Several crypto experts are passing precautionary alert, Robert Leshner, founder of Compound, recently tweeted:

“If has $500 million less than 36 hours after launch, the industry needs to self-regulate and stop launching these meme farming games.”

Earlier Vitalik Buterin, CEO of Ethereum, also said, “You do not have to participate in ‘the latest hot defi thing’ to be in Ethereum. In fact, unless you *really* understand what’s going on, it’s likely best to sit out or participate only with very small amounts.”

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