Egretia Posting 50% Gains

August 30, 2019 12:31 AM UTC

Egretia is a Blockchain Engine and Platform that uses HTML5. It uses the PoS consensus to optimize the HTML5 gaming performance.

Their mission is to bring 200k developers and 1 billion mobile terminals into their blockchain.

The EGT/USDT chart is showing some huge gains for Egretia the past two days. The 4-hour chart looks extremely bullish right now with 3 huge candlesticks, the first, an 8% surge, the second, a 13.37% and the third a whooping 21.7% and all of them with increased volume.

Unfortunately, even after this huge move, the daily chart is still looking rough for Egretia, in fact the bulls haven’t even been able to break above the 12-day EMA yet. In order for EGT to change the downtrend, the bulls would need to break $0.054 and they are currently trading at $0.024.

The RSI has been overbought for a month so this recent move it’s not really a surprise.

Egretia does have a lot of products released. The Egretia Engine, for game development with a cross-platform support. Egretia Wing,  Egretia Server, Egretia SmartIDE and SmartStore.

Clearly the long term looks good for Egretia, in fact it looks like a really solid project overall.


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