ForkSpot, Transforming The Food Technology, Listed On Bittrex

February 25, 2020 10:04 AM UTC

Forkspot was launched back in 2015 and has seen tremendous growth over the last years with more than 74,000 current users and support for 1,100 different restaurants.

Forkspot is designed to help restaurants and users thanks to the blockchain technology. The platform uses the Ethereum network and an FS settlement layer that will speed up transactions so you don’t have wait hours for your order to be processed.

Anyone can become a delivery driver with Forkspot. Thanks to Blockchain technology, the platform is able to verify users easily and efficiently.

Bittrex has recently just announced the listing of Forkspot (FRSP) with a trading pair against BTC.

We are pleased to announce the new token listing (FRSP). Forkspot is a decentralized hub between Restaurants, Consumers and Delivery Drivers.

Trading of the FRSP/BTC pairs is now available!

Forkspot Global Growth

Forkspot has been announcing a ton of expansions and partnerships throughout 2019. Back in July 2019, the team of Forkspot announced its UK and Singapore expansion and was also featured on

Forkspot is also partnered with Block72, AlphaBit, Twilio and others and it’s working in a huge global market that has over $80 billion in sales, 25% year growth and almost 1 billion users world-wide.

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