Grayscale Resumes its Cryptocurrency Trusts for New Investors

January 13, 2021 3:55 PM UTC

The US-based digital asset manager Grayscale has resumed a number of its crypto products to new investors after temporarily suspending inflows last month.

On December 21, the investment manager stopped accepting new investments into six of its trusts. Although clear details were not provided, Grayscale periodically stops its trusts to investors. Grayscale presents investors with a cost-effective means of getting crypto exposure without actually acquiring assets.

However, Grayscale XRP Trust is still inactive. The firm removes XRP from its Digital Large Cap Fund after the SEC has filed a lawsuit against Ripple for raised unregistered securities offerings of almost $1.3 billion. 

Grayscale’s Assets Under Management Approaches $25 Billion

Grayscale’s total Assets Under Management (AUM) has surged abruptly to hit a new all-time high. According to the recent tweet, the firm now claims $25 billion worth of cryptos under management.

At the time of reporting, Grayscale’s Bitcoin trust holds $20 billion in assets under management. Meanwhile, Grayscale Ethereum Trust, which still remains unavailable, and Grayscale Litecoin Trust holds $3 billion and $158 million AUM, respectively.

According to crypto experts, the price rally of Bitcoin has supported the firm to hit a milestone of $25 billion. According to data from CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin is currently trading at $35,833.

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