Infecting Computers Through Crypto Botnet and Taylor Swift Photos

December 25, 2019 2:34 AM UTC

According to a recent report by Sophos, a botnet called MyKings has become one of the most popular and persistent sources of ‘nuisance-grade’ opportunistic attacks.

The report states that this particular botnet is relentless and primarily targets Windows-based servers.

Attacks by the MyKings botnet operators follow a predictable pattern: The botnet attempts a stable of different attacks against a server.

According to Sophos, more than 43,000 unique IP addresses were infected but those were only public, 10,973 more were found when using Internal NAT ranges.

The regions with most infections were predominantly China and Tawain with 18% and 11% respectively.

This botnet has been so effective because even if most components of the botnet are eliminated, the remaining ones can basically restore the botnet to its full capacity. Recently, the botnet has been using steganography, a process in which a file is stored in an image.

The botnet has been using pictures of Taylor Swift and others to embed appended executables.

How to be Safe?

As usual, following a few simple practices will greatly reduce your chances of being infected. For instance, never open unknown emails, never click weird links and always be careful when installing add-ons or plug-ins on your browser.

You should also never download any attachments that you haven’t requested. Always make sure to update your antivirus and antispyware software but do not forget about your firewall.

You can actually even check if you are currently a part of a botnet by checking if your computer is slower than usual if it goes into overdrive if you find unusual internet activity and a few more issues that you can find here. 

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