Logistics Giant to use Blockchain for New Network

March 10, 2020 9:03 AM UTC

Nippon Express, a Japanese logistics company, is going to diversify its product line. The company aims to develop its own medicines in early 2021. As the development of drugs requires intense care, the company needs to carefully track its products at each step of the development. To record the data, the company is going to design a blockchain-based pharmaceutical transportation network.

According to the news report of Nikki, the Tokyo based company is going to invest almost $1 billion in the blockchain-based transportation network.

How The Nippon Network Plans to Use Blockchain

To develop the network, Nippon Express will collaborate with different companies. Two major companies have shown their interest. Intel Japan is going to provide RFID tags to check the location and statue of the product and Accenture will design new sensors to check the temperature of the product inside the warehouse and vehicles.

Nippon network plans to provide complete information to its consumers. To record data at every step, RFID tags and sensors will be installed inside the factory. These devices will upload information to the blockchain.


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