Maduro Opens Petro-Only Casino in Venezuela

January 20, 2020 11:46 PM UTC

Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro has recently given the green light to a cryptocurrency casino that only supports Petro.

The oil-backed digital asset was introduced around 2 years ago and will be used as the primary and only cryptocurrency to bet on the ‘international casino’ operated in Venezuela.

According to Maduro, Avila National Park’s Hotel Humboldt will be the one holding the international casino. The name of the casino is not yet known and the announcement itself has been quite enigmatic without many details.

How is a Casino Going to Solve Anything?

Many people wonder, why is Maduro trying so hard to promote Petro or a casino when the country is slowly but steadily falling apart?

Maduro has been recently forcing people to use petro for many different services, for instance, document services including passports.

There are also approved bonuses in petro for state employees and pensioners.

It’s also worth noting that the Venezuelan authorities have been against casinos since 2011 when Hugo Chavez ordered the closure of casinos and bingo halls in the country.


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