Major Traveling Firm Accepts Lightning Network Payments

April 22, 2020 9:53 PM UTC

Future.Travel, an online ticketing firm based in Vietnam, has updated its platform to accept BTC payments by employing the Lightning Network.

Future.Travel has teamed up with Neutronpay, a Canadian tech company, to accept Lightning Network-based BTC transactions. According to an April 20 report, Neutronpay will present its merchant platform to support the ticketing firm in managing crypto transactions. The system will reduce Bitcoin transaction times.

New System Will Eliminate Fraud

Future.Travel has been extensively using cryptocurrencies for the past 6 years. The firm recently listed new cryptos on its online payment system including ETH, LTC, and BCH. By using the Lighting Network the company intends to protect its platform from online scams.

The general director of Future.Travel, David Watson commented on the development, “The Lightning Network is the next step to reducing overheads of both cost and time.”

The travel and tourism business is the most significant industry that has exhibited a great interest in blockchain technology and cryptos in general. In 2019, Hahn Air, a German airline, had collaborated with Winding Tree to build a blockchain platform to distribute tickets.

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