Malicious Code found in 11 Ruby Libraries

August 22, 2019 12:15 AM UTC

It seems that thousands of people were affected by a malicious code intended to make their computers mine cryptocurrency. The malicious code and software was found in 11 libraries and was discovered yesterday.

The hackers embedded the code in popular libraries on RubyGems, a program for developers to upload or share software. Some of the infected libraries were related to crypto and intended to illicitly mine cryptos.

The software would essentially use your computer’s CPU or GPU to mine cryptocurrency without you knowing and sending the rewards back to the hacker. This was the latest crypto-mining hack but certainly not the first, there are hundreds of these kind of hacks happening every year.

Check Point Security, however, has shown in a recent report that cryptojacking seems to be declining and the first half of 2018 around 42% of organizations were infected by crypto-miners but only 26% this year.

Users have suggested to Rubygems contributors to enable 2-factor authentication in case they get compromised.

How to check whether you are mining cryptos right now?

The best and easiest way to check if there is a malicious program or virus mining on your PC is to keep an eye on your CPU usage. If you have everything closed but the CPU usage is still really high then it’s possible that your PC is infected.

Anti-malware software as well as anti viruses can help tremendously since they do cover mining malware and you should always keep your PC updated.


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