Mike Tyson and The Blockchain Technology

August 13, 2019 7:33 PM UTC

Yes, you read that right, Mike Tyson himself is going to be using the blockchain technology in its new business venture called ‘Fight to Fame’ which aims to help aspiring fighters achieve success through live matches, betting and more.

By using the blockchain technology, the platform will be able to achieve decentralization as well as transparency and will help fighters earn more money.

Mike Tyson said that he is happy to create a platform that will achieve fair compensation for all fighters and Kalamabadi, the CEO said fighters will be getting 100% of their winnings instead of the classic 15% of the prize in normal fights.

Fight to Fame plans to launch a token that will be used to place bets on the platform but it’s unknown if it will have any other purpose like giving the fighters tips.

Fight to Fame will hold an ICO for its token but the details are still unknown at this point.

Clearly more and more businesses are using the blockchain technology and harvesting its benefits. 2019 seems to be the year of blockchain innovation as well as adoption.

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